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Bullseye Power BatMoWheel Billet Series Turbochargers UNIVERSAL


BMW594 94mm BatMoWheel
BMW252 52mm BatMoWheel
BMW259 59mm BatMoWheel
BMW464 64mm BatMoWheel (2.5 Inch) (Mid Frame)
BMW366 66mm BatMoWheel (Small Frame)
BMW362 62mm BatMoWheel
BMW363 63mm BatMoWheel
BMW364 64mm BatMoWheel
BMW368 68mm BatMoWheel (Small Frame)
BMW475 75mm (3.0") BatMoWheel
BMW476 76mm BatMoWheel
BMW472 72mm (2.8 Inch) BatMoWheel
BMW466 66mm BatMoWheel (2.6 Inch) (Mid Frame)
BMW468 68mm BatMoWheel (Mid Frame)
BMW480 80mm BatMoWheel
BMW483 83mm BatMoWheel
BMW588 88mm BatMoWheel
BMW450-88 88mm "450-88" BatMoWheel
BMW450-94 94mm "450-94" BatMoWheel
BMW5104 104mm BatMoWheel

Product Description

The most popular Bullseye turbochargers, the BatMoWheel Series features Bullseye Power’s exclusive leading edge technology, providing a quicker spool and improved airflow over cast or standard billet counterparts. Sizes from 52mm to 104mm available with T-3, T-4, T-6, and stainless steel V-Band turbine housing options.

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