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MFactory Helical Limited Slip Differential UNIVERSAL

Brand: MFactory | Category: Differentials


MF-TRS-05LAN Mitsubishi Lancer 4G18 Helical LSD~1000whp
MF-TRS-05WRX Subaru WRX/STi GC8 Front Helical LSD. Requires Male Axles~1000whp
MF-TRS-05B16 Honda B16 and LS Helical LSD~1000whp
MF-TRS-05B18 Honda B16B/B18C 94-01 Integra GSR, Type R Helical LSD~1000whp
MF-TRS-05D15 Honda D Series Helical LSD~1000whp
MF-TRS-05K20 Honda Acura K20 Helical LSD~1000whp
MF-TRS-05E36 MF-TRS-05E36 Helical LSD E30/E34/E36
MF-TRS-05 E46 MF-TRS-05E46 Helical LSD E46/E8X/E9X with ratio 3.07 or less
MF-TRS-05E92 MF-TRS-05E92 Helical LSD E39/E60/E8X/E9X
LSD-B16A Helical LSD B16 Cable 1989-1993
LSD-B18 Helical LSD 1994-2001 B18C GSR Type R
LSD-H22 Helical LSD Prelude/Accord 1992-2002
LSD-D16 Helical LSD D16 40MM 1989-2000 Civic SOHC
MF-TRS-05D17 Helical LSD 01-05 D17 Honda Civic
MF-TRS-05L15A Helical LSD 09-13 GE8 Honda Fit
MF-TRS-05-G28 MFactory LSD 28 spline Fitting: Mazda 3/6/626/MX-3/MX-6/Protege
MF-TRS-05MTX Helical LSD Ford Focus MTX-75
MF-TRS-05E39 MF-TRS-05E39 Helical LSD E39/E46/E60/E92
MF-TRS-05E46A MF-TRS-05E46A Helical LSD E46/E8X/E9X with ratio 3.15 or greater
MF-TRS-05E92D MF-TRS-05E92D Helical LSD E87/E89/E92 DTC 335d
LSD-B16 Helical LSD B16 Hydro 1994-2000
LSD-K20 Helical LSD 2002-2006 K20 RSX Civic Si CTR ITR
LSD-D15 Helical LSD D15 35MM 1989-2000 Civic SOHC
LSD-D16ZC Helical LSD D16 40MM 1989-1991 ZC Civic DOHC
LSD-L15 Helical LSD 01-08 GD3 Honda Fit
MF-TRS-05G26 MFactory LSD 26 spline Fitting: Mazda 323/Protege
MF-TRS-05MIN Helical LSD Ford Focus ST170

Product Description

Gain a prominent advantage over the competition with the MFactory Helical Limited Slip Differential. Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory Helical LSD puts the power-to-the-ground and maximises your vehicle’s traction. A must for any race car, be it Street, Strip or Track!

Diamond Cut to exacting tolerances from Forged High-Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Steel
Perfect fitment & finish ensures hassle-free installation & maintenance, each and every time

Designed using leading-edge Solidworks 3D CAD & Cosmos FEA software
Advanced Gear Geometry minimizes parasitic drivetrain losses. Race transmissions built with MFactory components transfer, on average, 1-2% more power to the ground over our competitors!

Stress Tested on loaded dynos
Ensures our differentials are strong enough to handle the shock loads encountered during racing, yet also durable enough to handle the variable loads encountered during day-to-day driving.

Multiple Stages Available (Honda & Mazda)
Users can choose (and upgrade) between the various Stages available, which determine the Bias Ratios. With the MFactory Helical LSD, upto 75% torque can be transferred to the one wheel! A must-have for serious road-racers.

2nd Generation Design
The MFactory v2 Helical LSD is lighter, stronger and more efficient than any other Helical LSD on the market today!

Covered by the MFactory Feel The Torque™ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Click here for more details
An Industry First! If you do not feel the difference after installing your new Limited Slip Differential, you may return the product to us for a full refund (excluding shipping costs) within 30 days of the purchase date

Covered by the MFactory Lifetime, Globally Transferable Warranty
Whether used on the Street, Strip or Track, all MFactory Helical LSD’s come with a Lifetime, No-Hassle, Globally Transferable Warranty

No-Load/One-Wheel Syndrome
A common misconception is that a Torsen-Style Differential is useless under a no-load situation (e.g One wheel in the air). Although true to an extent, this no-load situation does not apply to the modern day car with Traction Control (or eDiff). For those without traction control, there is a simple solution to the problem that our competitors will not tell you; simply tap your brake pedal lightly with your left foot.

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