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O&J Performance Dodge High Performance Fuel Injectors UNIVERSAL

Brand: O&J Performance | Category: Fuel Injectors
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
165N4Z9D57 1650cc All Fuel Performance injector
52LBO89D20 52lb Bosch EV14 High Impedance SET OF 8
80LXI50X7 80lb Bosch EV14 HEMI
BOSCAPI425 Bosch 115lb High Impedance HEMI SET
BOSLEKRR38 Bosch Racing 93lb For Viper
D5WXJ85 2000cc HEMI High Impedance Set
FICZW2PF5 60lb Bosch EV-14 HEMI Drop Ins
FIEGSQT45 95lb 1000cc HEMI SET

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