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O&J Performance Dodge High Performance Fuel Injectors UNIVERSAL

Brand: O&J Performance | Category: Fuel Injectors
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
D5WXJ85 2000cc HEMI High Impedance Set
BOSCAPI425 Bosch 115lb High Impedance HEMI SET
FIEGSQT45 95lb 1000cc HEMI SET
80LXI50X7 80lb Bosch EV14 HEMI
FICZW2PF5 60lb Bosch EV-14 HEMI Drop Ins
52LBO89D20 52lb Bosch EV14 High Impedance SET OF 8
165N4Z9D57 1650cc All Fuel Performance injector
BOSLEKRR38 Bosch Racing 93lb For Viper

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