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O&J Performance Ford High Performance New Fuel Injectors UNIVERSAL

Brand: O&J Performance | Category: Fuel Injectors


BOOAK6R37 Bosch/Asnu 1650cc All Fuel performance Injector
BOSWE2EQ50 Bosch 127lb High Impedance
FIC46T3428 2000cc High Impedance Bosch injectors
FICGC9M561 1000cc High Imp
FIC6406N26 850cc High Imp
FIC6406N26-1 750cc High Imp
FICK33VY67 650cc High Imp
BOSU0GNP33 Bosch 42LB Green Giant
BOSFXYW063 Bosch 36lb EV1 - 60mm Oring to Oring
80LKBYDY72 80lb Siemens Deka EV1 High Impedance injector
80LWZKPO37 80lb Siemens Deka EV6 High Impedance injector
80LPNM0Y43 80lb Siemens Deka EV1 Shorty injector
30LOAI7W54 30lb Bosch Ford Motorsports EV6 High Impedance
NEW2HJW987 24lb Ford Racing
42LMFNAT2 42lb Siemens Deka High Impedance
60LA6XLE91 60lb Siemens Deka EV1 High Impedance
60L4LEJL79 60lb Siemens Deka EV6 High Impedance
FICK33VY67-1 550cc High Imp
60LLL1G650 60lb Siemens Deka EV1 Shorty High Impedance

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