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O&J Performance LT4 Corvette 1996 New Fuel Injectors UNIVERSAL

Brand: O&J Performance | Category: Fuel Injectors
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
80L3WAIH68 80lb Bosch EV14 LS1, LS6
FICDQ100060 1000cc High Imp 8cyl set
30LNPGBN40 30lb or 32lb Bosch / Ford Motorsports EV6 High Impedance
26LPD53433 26lb Bosch Motorsports EV1 High Impedance
BOS7QCJP40 Bosch Design 4 Fuel Injector set
FLOF40AD60 Flow Matched Siemens 60lb injectors
42LM0WPG92 42lb Bosch Green Giant Fuel Injector
42LNK0AH15 42lb Lucas Disk High Impedance

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