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PCS D200 Dashlogger UNIVERSAL

Brand: PCS | Category: Electronic Accessories


DIS-3000 Extreme D200 Dashlogger
DIS-5100 D200 Dash Logger Kit including Harness
DIS-2022 D200 Dashlogger
DIS-0511 D200 Boost Control Kit
DIS-0500 D200 Multi-Stage Boost Control - with solenoid
DIS-0501 High Speed Logging
DIS-4000 D200 Universal Wiring Harness
CON-5500 CAN Master Connection Kit
DIS-4100 Serial ECU Connection Cable
DIS-4001 D200 Desktop Programming Kit
DIS-5000 D200 Suction Cup Mount
CON-5501 CAN Add-On Connection Kit
DIS-4110 TEC GT Serial/CAN Cable
DIS-4120 MOTEC CAN Connection Kit
TOL-1006 Insertion/Extraction Tool for TCU and D200 Pins
DIS-5200 D200 Extreme Environment Dash Logger Kit including Harness
DIS-9300 D200 Professional Kit
DIS-9200 D200 Sportsman Kit

Product Description

The D200 Dash Logger is a high contrast, 6-inch viewable, transflective touchscreen that is easily seen in day or night. The durable, high sensitivity, resistive touchscreen can be easily activated with a stylus or finger.

Inputs and Outputs The D200 has 8 analog inputs, 2 speed inputs, and 2 PWM outputs. The analog inputs can be used for engine sensors, a data log start switch, or any other voltage you wish to monitor and log. The versatile PWM outputs can perform a variety of tasks from an external shift light to boost control. The D200 communicates with external devices using RS-232 or CAN 2.0b.

Monitor Screens The D200 offers several fully programmable monitor screens capable of displaying any combination of inputs. This allows the user to select the most appropriate view for the situation, such as a large tachometer for the track, or a screen with over 20 items for diagnosing a problem. Configuration of individual gauges is as simple as touching the gauge on the screen and selecting the input you wish to associate with it. Programmable alarms allow the user to set high and low points for a particular input. If the input exceeds the specifications, the D200 will alert the driver by flashing the gauge or item. Shift light functionality can be accomplished by having the D200 flash the screen at a desired RPM.

Data Logging & Playback The D200 is equipped with 2MB of on-board data log memory. Additional memory (up to 16MB) is available at the time of purchase. To optimize the memory usage, the user can select different logging rates for each device from 5HZ up to 1000HZ. The start of the log is triggered with the touchscreen or a button wired to an input. Multiple logs can be stored on the unit. Logs are stored by date and time and are also viewable through a data log explorer on the D200 screen itself. Any run can be played back on the D200 to gather information about the run without needing a laptop. The laptop communicates using USB, making quick work of downloading large data logs.

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