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Precision Turbo & Engine Entry Level Turbochargers UNIVERSAL


PTB002-4831 HP Rating: 385
PTB003-5431 HP Rating: 500
PTB003-5531 HP Rating: 520
PTB003-5831 HP Rating: 585
PTB001-5931 HP Rating: 600
PTB003-5931 HP Rating: 600
PTB003-5976 HP Rating: 620
PTB003-6176 HP Rating: 670
PTB004-6176 HP Rating: 670
PTB003-6776 HP Rating: 755
PTB006-7075 HP Rating: 885
PTB006-7275 HP Rating: 985
PTB006-7475 HP Rating: 1,060
PTB700-3025 HP Rating: 1,250

Product Description

Are you trying to put together a cost effective turbocharger system for your vehicle? Well, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Precision Turbo and Engine’s line of Entry Level Turbochargers provide the perfect solution by delivering a high-quality turbo at a budget-friendly price.

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