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PurÖl Elite Series Motor Oil UNIVERSAL

Brand: PurÖl | Category: Motor Oil
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PUR0W20 PurÖl Elite SAE 0w-20
PUR5W30 PurÖl Elite SAE 5w-30
PUR10W40 PurÖl Elite SAE 10w-40
PUR20W50 PurÖl Elite SAE 20w-50
PURCASE0W20 PurÖl Elite SAE 0w-20 12x1-Liter Case
PURCASE5W30 PurÖl Elite SAE 5w-30 12x1-Liter Case
PURCASE10W40 PurÖl Elite SAE 10w-40 12x1-Liter Case
PURCASE20W50 PurÖl Elite SAE 20w-50 12x1-Liter Case

Product Description

This is the ultimate Aerospace lubricant technology, now available for your engine! Introducing, PurÖl’s Elite performance oil is the epitome in lubrication for factory, high performance and modified engines. Formulated with top of the line synthetic base oils’ and featuring a proprietary additive package which incorporates Group V basestocks , this series offers never seen gains in torque, whp and efficiency. PurÖl Elite offers the ultimate anti-wear, thermal and shear stability, while reducing engine temperatures: extremely important in air-cooled, and high performance racing engines. The Elite series was designed to provide the highest level of protection, while reducing coefficient of friction in internal combustion engines. The formulation exceeds API, ACEA, and JASO performance requirements. Developed in co-operation with top motorsports engineers, PurÖl Elite contains an elevated level of ZDDP, while reducing wear on metal surfaces. This is particularly important for domestic pushrod, classic cars, and modern overhead cam engines, especially with finger follower valvetrain. An antioxidant additive eliminates harmful free radicals during engine operation while PurÖl Elite’s dispersant removes contaminates from metal surfaces, keeping them from amalgamating and forming sludge: very important to engine longevity and efficiency!

A specialized additive reduces friction by acting as a ball bearing at the atomic level between metal surfaces. A great feature of the Elite series of PurÖl is that it maintains specified viscosity and resists thickening. Another additive improves hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication properties, and keeps the whole package working well together. The resulting proprietary PurÖl formula is a high VI engine oil that retains viscosity at high temperatures while providing excellent cold cranking performance. Lubricants, perfected.

Product Reviews

PurOl delivers as promised., Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Here’s the information on what we’ve been able to do with the PurOl in our street car. It’s the best oil I’ve personally used having had 2 Speed 3s, a 2009 and a 2013. I hope more guys from the Mazda community will give it a try and not just look at the price but value. Drive-ability is improved and the car runs smoother and delivers power in a very clean manner.

After learning about PurOl from an engineering company doing great things, I decided to try a round of the 5w30 that my manufacturer calls for. I drive a 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 and I had been running the car on the track having used another premium 100% synthetic street oil used for part-time racing duty. After making about 45 drag passes using the PurOl as a foundation for my mods and tuning, we saw our times drop from 2.034/13.715@100.49 to 2.13/13.399@105.94 and most notably 1.983/12.988@107.85 on a near stock/tuned build on 93 octane with the factory tire. Granted, a lot goes into those performance gains, however having the confidence and piece of mind seeing the car perform best ET and MPH at the track after 3 or 7 back to back runs, getting faster each pass. This doesn’t happen if your oil isn’t keeping up. We could not have made goal to go sub 13 on the factory tire, tuned yet close to stock by the end of 2013 without the PurOl. No doubt in my mind. Its cheap insurance. I’ve seen it go 7 passes in a row 4 minutes apart, make fastest ET and MPH on the last pass with 3,350 miles into an oil change. This is just the data I’ve found. Its hard to quantify actual numbers gained but every time the motor turns you can trust the puck is floating and making as much reliable power that it can. Great stuff guys. This is the oil that goes in my car (period) and yes it’s my daily driver. Thank you, Michael ;) Orlando, FL 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 – 1.983/12.988@107.85 12/21/2013 1107DA/75ambient Orlando Speedworld Dragway, factory tire time with 13,335mi.